Folkdancers' Association of Nova Scotia

We are a group of people who enjoy traditional dances from around the world. We provide opportunities for the promotion of that enjoyment in our community of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We have a "feet on" approach! We offer the following variety of International Folkdancing experiences in metro. Check out our video!

Thursday Evening Dances

A relaxed, recreational setting is maintained, while we primarily do folk dances from South-Eastern Europe and the Near East (including Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey).

The level of difficulty usually progresses through the evening, with teaching and review near the beginning. Later on, dances are chosen from the participants' requests.

When: 7:30pm - 10:00 pm Thursday
From 7:30pm to 8pm, there will be dance instruction and review.

All Nations Christian Reformed Church, 2535 Robie Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Admission: $5.00


Fall Beginners Course

This will run for 6 weeks and feature beginner-friendly folk dances, primarily from Albania, Macedonia, Greece, and Croatia. (Note: this is new material for our group, so there will be plenty to entice dancers at all levels of experience!)

Why?: For fun! ...and exercise (mental and physical)... and socializing... and to experience and appreciate some wonderful Balkan/Near East folk culture, expressed through music and dance. So, lots of reasons really.

Who?: All are welcome! No folk dance experience is necessary and no dance partners are required.

Where?: The All Nations Church (the big red brick one) on the corner of Robie St. and Charles St. in Halifax.

When?: Every Thursday between Sept. 13th and Oct. 18th, starting at 7:30PM (We'll start with a 15-minute warm up session each week, followed by an hour of teaching and review. After a short break, we'll return for another hour of request dancing for those who wish to stay.)

How Much?: $30 for the whole course, which you can pay in full on Sept. 13th; or you can pay as you go each week ($5/session).

Need more information?: Message us below or email us at


In the summer we dance on the dock beside the Ferry Terminal in Dartmouth, weather permitting. This year our last dance outside is August 30.


Sites of interest

International Folkdancers of Ottawa (IFDO)


dancing on the docks

dancing on the docks

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Telephone: 464-1288
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